Richard Young Workshop

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THURSDAY – APRIL 20, 2017 


C A R I B B E A N   S T Y L E   E V A N G E L I S T 


6767 Chemin de la Cote des Neiges
Montreal, Qc
H3S 2B6

6:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Students : $40 (+2.00 Paypal fees)

Adults: $50  (+2.00 Paypal fees)

Please submit (attached) REGISTRATION FORM with payment. Thank you!

 Refreshments included + After Party

Appreciating the Caribbean Aesthetic

Topics to be discussed at the Workshop:

– Overview of Caribbean style

– Essence of Caribbean fashion

The Caribbean aesthetic – Fashioning through cultural identity

Who Should Attend: 

Creatives in the beauty, fashion, and cultural arts.

Students in Arts appreciation study ( anyone who is fascinated with creative arts work – graphic, performing, animation, visual, culinary, theatre arts – ) are most suited.

The burgeoning talent of Caribbean creative manifests itself resplendently on our fashion imaging.

There is global recognition of an exotic addition to the existing universal trademark styles, as they relate to geographic indicators.

Alongside French, Italian, British, Japanese, American, Canadian. there is an emerging Caribbean style borne out of an eclectic Caribbean aesthetic.

– The workshop discusses how culture, history, geography impacted our regional fashion sensibilities and continues to reveal ancillary style features of our imaging mores.

– The workshop wishes to explore ‘inspiration’ elements/techniques as they apply to crafting fashion trends and cultivating style-perennials guided by international perquisites/forecasts yet influencing vanguard perspectives

– The workshop would sensitize participants of the tenets of Caribbean fashion culture. It would address regional costuming and Carnival arts as it pertains to creating couture.