Playmas Montreal Cultural Association was established in 2000 by Grenadian born Gemma Raeburn-Baynes, as a non-profit organization to promote the Caribbean culture and provide a wide range of Caribbean cultural and social development programs to the Black and Caribbean Canadian community.  Playmas Montreal acts as a vanguard for showcasing Caribbean cultural and artistic talents.

Gemma and her Organization, Playmas Montreal, have been involved in the Montreal Carnival since the year 2000.  The Organization serves to expose the culture of the Caribbean to the population of Montreal and Canada. As several cultural communities participate in the many functions staged by Playmas Montreal, it increases mutual understanding between Montreal’s diverse cultural communities and helps to improve the social climate and quality of life in our city.  

In addition, Playmas Montreal Cultural Association works to enhance the quality-of-life of Caribbean and other seniors by offering programs and events. This will address isolation, anxiety, reduce stigma, elder abuse and ageism. As all seniors are an integral part of our community, Playmas Montreal works to encourage active participation. Playmas Montreal Cultural Association is a support network that provides resources and information to our youth and seniors.

Playmas Montreal is governed by a volunteer executive membership.  Membership is open to all individuals who share the mission and vision of the association.

Playmas Montreal was incorporated under the Quebec Charter on October 14, 2004 under Registration No. 1162542931.